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Technical planning
tec.nicum engineering

One of the most important phases in the modification of a machine or production line is engineering prior to the conversion work. This lays the foundations for the quality of a subsequent implementation. The aim is to develop technical safety solutions for machines and systems.


The experts at tec.nicum do not only see themselves as consultants, but as engineers who think intensively about customer-specific projects and keep an eye on the technical details in addition to the "big picture". This is another reason why engineering is a very important task and a central pillar of tec.nicum.


How do we support you here specifically? Our experts take care of the safety-related issues involved in modifications and conversions of existing machines – both in the planning and projecting phase as well as in the entire retrofit process from planning to conversion and commissioning.


We also have great experience in the Validation of safety functions according to ISO 13849-2. We use Measurements and technical tests to prove that all safety functions comply with the normative requirements.


With all these engineering services, you can count not only on our expertise, but also on customer-oriented work with the aim of finding the best solution for you and your customers.


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